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About Matt Lloyd

Matt Lloyd is the founder of the company My Online Business Empire and the creator of My Top Tier Business aka MTTB. Matt started his career in Internet marketing just a few years ago, when he was barely scraping by making only $700 per month and driving this old beat-up 1991 Toyota Corolla,

Matt Lloyd's story begins in 2009, when he dropped out of university during his senior year. The plan up until then was to be a financial analyst (and work 80 hours a week). But, he quickly realized that he didn't want to work for someone else, because . . . He wants the Dot Com Lifestyle.

  • Freedom from a "9 to 5" job  and the stuffy corporate world
  • Freedom from sitting in traffic
  • Freedom from your BOSS

So, he tried everything, whatever he could do to just make money online. He tried product after product. He read every book. He watched every training video. Matt spent tens of thousands of dollars and went to dozens of seminars, ranging in cost from $500.00 to $10,000.00
He tried it all. And had nothing to show for it.

By early 2011, He was at the lowest point in my life. He was where some of you might be right now - frustrated, struggling, and hitting wall after wall trying to find something that actually worked online. He even started taking Zanex. But then everything changed. A few months later, just after hitting the "lowest point of his life" He created the my top tier business 21-step system and it finally worked . . .

Now, he earn hundreds of thousands of dollars every single month and averaged multiple 7-figures a year. He travels the world, speaking on stages from Mexico to San Diego to Fiji, and have built a customer base in the tens of thousands. He receive commissions 24/7 around the world, and live the "freedom lifestyle" that seemed so far out of reach just a few short years ago. All because of this simple 21-step system.

The best thing about Matt Lloyd's story: He is not a computer genius or tech buff. He is just a "regular" guy like you and me . . . He was raised on a farm in Australia and have and has never been "anything" on a silver platter. In fact, He still lives in Perth, Australia today . . . you can look up his address on Google Maps if you'd like . . . it's 755 Albany Highway, Perth, Australia. But the system I'm going to give you, which he's created has allowed him to go from a regular guy making $700 a month online to become a top Super-Affiliate, who earns upwards of multiple 7-figure per year.

You see, now he gives the same system to other people, but apart from this, he also uses it HIMSELF. He uses his system as an AFFILIATE on a regular basis and it works so well that he made Commissions worth over $176,567.00 in just a single month.

Matt Lloyd believes that you deserve a better life. And so do I. We believe that everybody deserves a chance to enjoy the freedom and security that the Dot Com Lifestyle provides, and My Top Tier Business or MTTB is the perfect business model for that. That's why, Matt is so Confident about this unique system, that he GUARANTEE that you will make a commission within 30 days ... or you get $500.00 CASH out of his pocket. Thus, you have nothing to lose because he's taking all the risk.

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